I Hurt

Author(s): Gary Morais

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 218


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Who do know that is struggling in relationships, personal challenges, addictions, or just “feeling stuck” in life? This book provides life transforming solutions in an easy to read, practical format.  It is designed to give you tools that have already helped thousands of people to actually change their lives, and may not only help you, but equip you to help others. The content in this book not only gives you these solutions but will help you see Jesus in a more intimate, personal way.  We are called to be Christ-like, so we need to think about what it means to be like Christ! We are told to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2) – to change our thinking. As we learn how to do that, we will become more like Him, transforming our lives, and how we interact with others, resulting in a more fulfilled, joyful life.

We all have been hurt, because life is not always fair or righteous. We live in a fallen world. Many of us have experienced disappointment. We have experienced people who hurt us and deeply rejected us, put us aside or not paid attention to us. Maybe they looked at us the wrong way or said hurtful things or even betrayed us. How do we interpret and respond to these situations? Many of us carry feelings of emotional hurt, anger, guilt and frustration. We may have reacted with fits of rage, negative responses, grumpiness, haughtiness, prideful behavior and not being all that God calls us to be for ourselves or in relationships with others. Sometimes feeling these things causes us to spill our hurt/pain onto other people. The difference between a happy life and a hurting life is how we interpret and respond to these life situations. We are what we think about.

Scripture calls us to be more “Christ-like” and speaks over and over again that we are to not be afraid or anxious. But how do we do this? How do we become the person that is made in God’s image, to be free from our fears and anxieties?

I HURT is packed with solutions and practical tools for worldly issues that we all face. This book provides you with invaluable insights from a Christian Counseling practice that has helped thousands of people overcome their fears, anxieties and stresses in life. These proven solutions are based on God’s truth as spoken in Romans 12:2, “ transformed by the renewing of your mind...” It translates Biblical scripture into real life, easy-to-use applications that will help you become more Christ-like and have a more fulfilling, joy-filled and peaceful life.

Who Am I?—Prologue
Mission Statement

CHAPTER 1 Foundational Thinking

CHAPTER 2 Decisive Thinking
Are You Frustrated by Your Inability to Take Charge and
Make Decisions?

CHAPTER 3 Self-Assured Thinking
Learning to Trust Yourself / Increasing Your Confidence

CHAPTER 4 Expressive Thinking
Have You Been Frustrated by the Lack of Expressive Communication?

CHAPTER 5 Compassionate Thinking
Do You Find It Easy to Pick Up on Others’ Feelings?

CHAPTER 6 Organized Thinking
Do You Think in a Systematic Manner?

CHAPTER 7 Self-Doubting Thinking

Have You Ever Been Frustrated by a Lack of Assertiveness?

CHAPTER 8 Over Expectant Thinking
Have You Ever Thought of Yourself as Being Controlling?

CHAPTER 9 Contrary Thinking
Do You Ever Feel Like People Are Telling You What to Do?

CHAPTER 10 Self-Defeating Thinking
Are You Hard on Yourself and Don’t Accept Compliments?

CHAPTER 11 Hypersensitive Thinking
Have You Ever Felt Overly Self-Conscious?

CHAPTER 12 Spiritual Survival
Answers to a Life-Changing Subject?

Your New Beginning?

About the Author

Gary Morais

Gary Morais has dedicated his life to helping people in their personal healing and growth in faith for nearly 40 years. He is a certified master coach, author, business and ministry consultant, who had a licensed marriage and family therapist practice for 17 years in Monterey, CA. Gary is the Founder and Vice Chairman of ThinkX Inc., and was the Managing Partner of Bottom Line Results, LLC, a human capital technology organization based upon his patented brain thinking research. Gary invented the Px-12™ Profile for therapists and businesses which measures the brain’s thinking algorithms that are linked to stress, fears, wellbeing, and human performance, and the Equipping Profile™ for ministry, helping God’s people to grow and develop to become more Christ-like.  Gary Morais is the Director of ministry, a division of Full Life Ministries, focusing on equipping God’s people to become all they were created to be, by helping them to live their purpose and calling in life.

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ISBN 9781792464096

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